About Me


I am Georgette Siqueiros: adventurer, writer, lover of languages,  and graduate at Boise State University. As an adventurer, I love to try new activities. In the past year, I have started skiing, rock climbing, and taking aerial silks lessons (a physical and artistic discipline where one does acrobatics, held up by silk fabrics, all for the first time. In addition,  I like to go camping, go hiking, and traveling. Recently, I visited the north of Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cancun. As a Resident Assistant, I am an academic and personal resource for BSU residents; I help them with their conflicts and I strive to develop a sense of community. Thanks to this job, I have received training in conflict management, social justice, and other subjects that have helped me be a better colleague at work, and a better person in life.

At Boise State, I studied Communication and French. Communication helps me to better understand the people in the world in respect to non verbal language, interpersonal communication, and the growing role of social media. French is similar in the way that I better understand cultures different to mine. Not only am I more familiar with the history of France, but I better understand world problems, such as the colonisation of Africa and the Caribbean, the struggles of race, and the diaspora in Canada and the United States, among other countries. I am more familiar with French films, French literature, and how to translate between English and French.

My professional ambitions are to use the cultural and linguistic concepts that I have learned. I would like to go to France to be able to immerse myself completely in the culture and the language, and to obtain a certificate in conflict management. I would like to be able to use my knowledge to help others.