About Me


I am Georgette Siqueiros: adventurer, language lover and digital media specialist. As an adventurer, I love to try new activities. In the past year, I have started skiing, rock climbing, and taking aerial silks lessons (a physical and artistic discipline where one does acrobatics, held up by silk fabrics), all for the first time. In addition,  I like to go camping, go hiking, and traveling. Recently, I visited the Guadalajara, Puerto Rico, and Cancun.

As a digital media specialist, I am knowledgeable in SEO, content creation, and website design. I also have experience managing social media accounts through my internships with the Agency for New Americans. Currently, I am working on building and expanding on these skills through experience. Please check out my Digital Media Specialist page for examples and details of my work.

My professional ambitions are to use the cultural and communication concepts I have learned to make a positive difference to others. My career goals are the be able to connect to my community through my work and enhance the lives of others. I plan to do this by advocating for others through my written and verbal communication, as well as my digital media projects.