Courses Taken

COMM 341 NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION: An examination of the function of nonverbal behavior codes in communication.

COMM 351 INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION: An analysis of societal and cultural influences on interpersonal communication. A critical examination of communication within and among subcultures as well as across cultural boundaries.

COMM 356 COMMUNICATION IN THE SMALL GROUP: A study of human interaction in small groups. A blending of theory and practical experience focusing upon group development, roles, norms, team building, problem-solving, conflict, and leadership.

COMM 360 MEDIA AESTHETICS AND CULTURE: Examination of the form and cultural values of mass media programs, the relationship between audiences and media products, and approaches to critical analysis of media products.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: Examination of the causes of conflict, conflict management theory, and conflict management techniques applied in interpersonal, inter-group, organizational, and community settings. Discussion and skill development through experiential learning will focus on such conflict management techniques as interpersonal management, mediation, arbitration, negotiation, and reconciliation.
COMM 498 COMMUNICATION SEMINAR: Students demonstrate their ability to theorize, discover, analyze, evaluate, report, and defend a project about human communication.