My Travels

When I was a child, my parents fostered my passion for travelling. Through the years, I went on roadtrips to California, Oregon, Arizona, and more. We took family trips to Mexico, where we visited family and explored cultural centers.

This helped spark my passion for learning French, getting to know world cultures, and advocating for immigrants.

After graduating from BSU, I had the chance to go to Europe and visit Paris, Venice, and Rome. It was my dream trip, and I was able to speak with the natives of France experience the cultures that I had studied for the past decade.

This summer, I was able to work remotely in Guadalajara for a month. I stayed with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. We got to explore the city, which I had already visited and fell in love with. We also visted the small mining town of Zacatecas, where we toured a mine and walked through historical cathedrals.

I plan to continue to travel as much as possible. Though I love Boise and hope to always call it my home, I will plan trips to other lands whenever I can.