Courses Taken

FRENCH 376 FRENCH CULTURE AND CIVILIZATION : Overview of various aspects of French culture, including geography, history, social structure, art, music, and science. Includes readings, discussions, and frequent writing assignments. Course conducted in French.

FRENCH 404 SURVEY OF FRENCH LITERATURE: A global survey of the forms and genres of French literature from the Middle Ages to the present. Analysis of literary texts and their socio-historical circumstances. Frequent writing assignments. Course conducted in French.

FRENCH 412 ADVANCED FRENCH GRAMMAR AND PRONUNCIATION: An intensive study of the formal written and spoken registers of French. Addresses the subtleties of French phonology, morphology and syntax. Also develops awareness of and sensitivity to the variety of spoken and written registers of French. Frequent writing assignments. Course conducted in French.

FRENCH 485 THE FRANCOPHONE WORLD TODAY: Topics in contemporary Francophone cultures, including recent historical background, and developments in society, literature, cinema, and politics. Content will cover various Francophone regions, including West Africa and the Caribbean. Course conducted in French.

FRENCH 490 TOPICS IN FRENCH AND FRANCOPHONE CINEMA: An advanced culture course using films from French and Francophone cultures for further refinement of linguistic and analytical skills. Topics will vary each time the course is taught. Film lab required. Readings will include critical articles on the films and/or literary texts from which films were adapted. Frequent writing assignments. Course conducted in French.

FRENCH 498 SENIOR SEMINAR A capstone, exit requirement course. Topic chosen by instructor on a rotating basis such as literary, linguistic, and/or social and historical subject matter. Demonstrate proficiency in the written, spoken, and cultural codes of French by means of a research paper and an expanded oral presentation on the topic of the paper. Course must be taken at least one semester prior to graduation and includes an exit oral proficiency interview. Course conducted in French.